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What is JsRates?
JsRates is a groundbreaking app designed for Shopify merchants who seek advanced control and flexibility in setting their shipping rates. By leveraging the power of JavaScript, JsRates empowers you to create custom shipping rules that are perfectly aligned with the specific requirements of your business. This innovative app is an essential tool for streamlining your shipping strategy, allowing you to adapt swiftly and efficiently to the ever-changing market demands.
How can JsRates transform my shipping strategy?
With JsRates, you can construct a diverse array of shipping solutions ranging from simple flat rates to complex, dynamic pricing structures. Whether you're looking to integrate live rate calculations, create promotional shipping rules, or leverage detailed analytics for strategic adjustments, JsRates equips you with the tools to build it all.
Who should use JsRates?
JsRates is designed for Shopify merchants who crave a more tailored approach to their shipping rate setup. Ideal for those with a knack for JavaScript, it's a perfect match for developers, advanced eCommerce merchants, and businesses aiming to optimize their shipping strategies with precision and advanced logic.
What if I am not familiar with JavaScript? Can JsRates still help me set up my shipping rules?
Even if you're not well-versed in JavaScript, JsRates is here to assist. Our team can help you craft and implement custom shipping rules tailored to your business requirements. We provide support and guidance throughout the process to ensure your shipping strategy aligns perfectly with your business goals.
Which Shopify Plan should I use with JsRates Shipping?
JsRates is compatible with all Shopify plans, but there are some limitations. To use any third-party rate calculator, including JsRates, at checkout, Shopify requires you to enable their third-party carrier-calculated shipping feature. Without this feature, JsRates cannot display shipping costs at checkout, even in Test Mode. For the 'Shopify' plan, this feature can be enabled for an additional USD $20 per month. Opting for annual billing not only adds this feature at no extra cost but also saves you 10% on your Shopify plan. The 'Advanced' plan and higher already have this feature enabled. For 'Lite' or 'Basic' plan users, this feature isn't available as an add-on, and an upgrade to the 'Shopify' plan is necessary. However, JsRates can still display shipping rates on the product or cart page using its API without this feature on any plan.
Do I need Shopify’s Third-party Carrier-calculated Shipping Rates feature to use JsRates?
Yes, to use JsRates or any third-party shipping calculation app at checkout, Shopify requires you to enable their Carrier-Calculated Shipping Rates feature. However, you can still use JsRates to display shipping rates on the product or cart page using its API, even without the Carrier-calculated shipping feature enabled. This offers a workaround for users who do not have this feature active on their Shopify plan.
What are the key features of JsRates?
Key features of JsRates include:
  • AI-assisted coding
  • Third-party API connectivity
  • Modular functionality
  • Data and code importation
  • VS Code integrations
  • Performance tracking
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Courier API links
  • A dedicated API endpoint
  • Robust debugging tools
Is there a trial version available?
Yes, JsRates offers a demo plan that allows unlimited exploration of the app's features. This plan includes up to 1,000 requests in test mode, 500,000 AI characters for coding, and the option to enable JsRates in test mode at checkout.
What are the pricing plans for JsRates?
JsRates offers various pricing options to cater to your needs:
  • A free demo version for initial exploration and testing.
  • A full subscription plan priced at $35/month, which includes:
    • Unlimited requests
    • AI-assisted coding
    • Comprehensive checkout activation
    • And more advanced features
How does JsRates ensure the accuracy of shipping rates?
JsRates ensures the accuracy of shipping rates through a rigorous process of testing and validation. It provides a robust environment where shipping scripts can be efficiently tested and validated, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in every customer interaction. This meticulous approach ensures that your shipping rates are precise and dependable.
Can I integrate JsRates with other courier services?
Yes, JsRates is highly adaptable and allows seamless integration with any courier service via API requests. This functionality enables direct rate retrieval and service options from a wide range of courier services, providing extensive flexibility for your shipping strategies. By leveraging this capability, you can customize your shipping solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and customers.
How can JsRates help in optimizing my shipping strategy?
JsRates aids in optimizing your shipping strategy by offering a suite of powerful tools. These include live shipping rate calculations, detailed analytics, and performance tracking. With these tools, you can make strategic adjustments to your shipping methods, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This level of control and insight enables you to fine-tune your shipping strategy to meet both business objectives and customer expectations.
Why are my shipping rates sometimes doubled when I have multiple locations or use multiple shipping profiles in Shopify?
This issue arises due to Shopify's multi-origin shipping feature. When your order spans multiple locations or Shopify shipping profiles, Shopify splits the order into multiple shipments. Each shipment is quoted separately, and the rates are added together. This can result in doubled rates if you have rules set up that should apply to the entire cart. To address this, you can either disable multi-origin shipping by contacting Shopify support or use a single location/profile in Shopify. This limitation affects all shipping rates and apps on Shopify.
I made changes to my code, but why are the rates not updated at checkout?
When you update your code and want to test the changes immediately, it's important to clear Shopify's checkout cache to see the updated rates. To do this, make a slight change to the test checkout's street address. For instance, if you initially used '123 White St.', change it to '1234 White St.' You can also vary the checkout by increasing or decreasing the quantity of an item, or adding or removing a product. As long as there's a change in the type or total quantity of items in the cart, the cache will be cleared, allowing you to see the updated rates.