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Utilizing the JsRates VS Code Extension

Enhance your coding workflow with the JsRates VS Code extension. This tool integrates directly into Visual Studio Code, allowing you to edit and manage your shipping rate codes with advanced features.

The JsRates VS Code extension is available to subscribers of the full plan.

Installation Guide

Follow these steps to install the JsRates VS Code extension:

  1. Visit the Settings page in JsRates.
  2. Click the Download extension button to obtain the VSIX file.
  3. Open Visual Studio Code.
  4. Access the Extensions view (Ctrl+Shift+X or Cmd+Option+X on macOS).
  5. Click the ellipsis (...) in the Extensions view and select Install from VSIX....
  6. Locate and select the downloaded VSIX file.
  7. Complete the installation and reload Visual Studio Code to activate the extension.
  8. For terminal installation, use: code --install-extension jsrates-extension.vsix.

To confirm the installation:

  1. Open the Extensions view in Visual Studio Code.
  2. Search for the JsRates extension.
  3. Ensure the extension appears in the results and is enabled.

Activation and Usage

Once installed, activate and use the extension with these steps:

  1. In JsRates, go to Settings, enable Activate JsRates VS Code extension, and save.
  2. Click Open in VS Code to initiate the code transfer to Visual Studio Code.
  3. Respond to the prompts and wait for the code to load.
  4. Edit as needed in Visual Studio Code.
  5. Save changes back to JsRates with Ctrl+J Ctrl+S (Cmd+J Cmd+S on macOS).
  6. Refresh the code in JsRates' Editor page to view updates.
  7. To work on a new file, initialize the extension by opening an existing file from JsRates first.
  8. Deactivate the extension via JsRates settings when not in use to secure your code.

Security Considerations

For optimal security, adhere to these practices:

  • Activate the VS Code extension only when necessary. When active, the session lasts for 12 hours.
  • Each time you click the Open in VS Code button, a new session starts, rendering any previous sessions invalid.
  • It's recommended to deactivate the extension in the JsRates settings after use to prevent unauthorized access.

Using JsRates VS Code extension

The following video demonstrates how to install and use the JsRates VS Code extension.