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JsRates Server Environment

The JsRates server environment is specifically designed to support modern ECMAScript (ES) standards for JavaScript development, providing a robust and versatile platform for shipping rate calculation and more.

Features and Capabilities

ECMAScript (ES) Standards Compliance

  • Modern JavaScript Support: Fully compatible with the latest ES features and syntax, enabling developers to utilize contemporary JavaScript functionalities.

Web Standards in Global Scope

  • Broad Range of Built-in Features: Includes a variety of web standards globally available without needing imports from external sources:
    • Fetch API
    • Async/await
    • Promises
    • WebSockets
    • Streams
    • Timers
    • Cryptography
    • Compression
    • Internationalization
    • Accessibility

Built-in Modules

  • Modular Functionality: Offers built-in modules that can be imported from ./modules.js, facilitating modular design in shipping rate calculations and other utilities.

Exclusion of Node Modules and Support for Custom Modules

  • No Node.js Support: The environment does not support Node.js modules. However, it compensates with an extensive range of built-in functionalities appropriate for shipping rate calculations.
  • Built-in and Custom Modules: Alongside the built-in modules provided in ./modules.js, the server environment also supports the creation and use of custom modules. This flexibility allows users to craft multi-module code structures tailored to their specific shipping rate calculation needs or other functionalities.

Server-Side Processing

  • Robust Backend Processing: Emphasizes server-side processing for shipping rate calculations, enhancing performance, security, and scalability.

Support for Encrypted Secret Variables

  • Secure Environment Variables: Allows the usage of an env object containing encrypted secret variables, ideal for securely storing sensitive data like API keys or credentials.

Shopify Integration Focus

  • E-commerce Oriented: Specifically tailored for integration with Shopify and similar platforms. The calculateShippingRates function is optimized for dynamic shipping rate calculation based on various criteria.

Performance and Versatility

The JsRates server environment is engineered for swift request processing, critical in e-commerce scenarios where shipping rates need to be calculated quickly and accurately. Its incorporation of modern JavaScript features and global web standards positions it as a highly capable platform for creating bespoke shipping rate solutions.