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Result Logging in JsRates

JsRates is configured to automatically log the results of the last 50 executions of your code. This applies to code triggered from various sources: the editor, the JsRates API, or the checkout page. The logs capture and store critical information, which includes:

  • The shipping rates returned
  • The request JSON payload
  • The status of the request
  • Any errors that have occurred
  • The output from print function
  • The duration of the request

This logged data is invaluable for understanding your shipping rate calculator's performance and for debugging any issues that might arise.

By default, JsRates maintains this logging data. If you prefer not to store logs, you can disable this feature from the Settings page.

Please be aware that if you choose to disable the log feature, it may become more challenging to diagnose any issues with your code.

Sample logs data - logging results in JsRates