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Introduction to JsRates

What is JsRates?

JsRates is an innovative Shopify app that transforms how you set shipping rates. Utilizing JavaScript, it offers merchants unparalleled flexibility and control to devise custom shipping rules tailored to their unique business needs. Streamline your shipping strategy and adapt to market demands with JsRates.

What can I build with JsRates?

With JsRates, you can construct a diverse array of shipping solutions ranging from simple flat rates to complex, dynamic pricing structures. Whether you're looking to integrate live rate calculations, create promotional shipping rules, or leverage detailed analytics for strategic adjustments, JsRates equips you with the tools to build it all.

Who is it for?

JsRates is designed for Shopify merchants who crave a more tailored approach to their shipping rate setup. Ideal for those with a knack for JavaScript, it's a perfect match for developers, advanced eCommerce merchants, and businesses aiming to optimize their shipping strategies with precision and advanced logic.

What if I am not familiar with JavaScript?

Even if you're not well-versed in JavaScript, JsRates is here to assist. Our team can help you craft and implement custom shipping rules tailored to your business requirements. We provide support and guidance throughout the process to ensure your shipping strategy aligns perfectly with your business goals. For assistance, simply reach out via the "Contact support" option within the app.


JsRates empowers users with a suite of tools for crafting and refining shipping scripts, including:

  • Debugging: Identify and fix issues within your code.
  • Validation: Ensure your scripts run correctly.
  • Test Input Data: Verify your shipping rules with sample data.
  • AI Features: Benefit from AI-assisted code generation, explanation, and completion.
  • Third-Party API Requests: Incorporate external data into your shipping logic.
  • Module Use: Tap into a variety of modules for expanded functionality.
  • Data and Code Import: Easily bring in data and scripts.
  • VS Code Extension: Manage your code within a familiar coding environment.
  • Logs and Analytics: Track your app's performance and make informed decisions.
  • Cart Item Enrichment: Augment cart items with additional details like metafields and tags.
  • Real-time Rates: Retrieve live shipping rates from major online platforms and couriers.
  • Courier API Integrations: Connect directly with courier services like UPS, FedEx, and more
  • Dedicated API Endpoint: Integrate your custom rates into the product and cart pages or external applications.


To fully leverage the capabilities of JsRates, a solid understanding of JavaScript is essential. This knowledge will empower you to customize and refine your shipping rules precisely to your business requirements. Additionally, ensure that third-party carrier-calculated shipping is activated in your Shopify plan, as it's necessary for applying JsRates at checkout. However, even without this feature, you can independently utilize the JsRates API to display rates on product and cart pages, keeping your customers informed from the start of their shopping journey.

Prerequisite Notice: Knowledge of JavaScript is essential to effectively utilize JsRates.

Carrier-Calculation Requirement: To apply JsRates at checkout, enable third-party carrier-calculated shipping on your Shopify plan. While this feature is a prerequisite for checkout usage, the JsRates API allows rate display on product and cart pages independently. For assistance in enabling carrier-calculated shipping, consult Shopify Support

Maximizing JsRates: Dive into our comprehensive help documentation, quick start guide, and tutorial series to unlock the full potential of JsRates.

Peek Into JsRates Editor Themes

Here's a glimpse of the JsRates editor in action:

Light Theme Preview

JsRates app editor page in light theme

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JsRates app editor page in dark theme

Mobile Screen Preview

JsRates app editor page in mobile